Meet the Robinsons

What to Expect

We are a newly married couple who always occasionally have adventures. Whether we’re taking an urban hike in our hometown or plane-hopping across the world or trying to figure out this whole marriage thing, you’re welcome to come along for the ride. Just prepare yourself for unbridled quirkiness, some Pokemon references, and a whole lot of sass.

What We Do

Neil and I work at the same ad agency in Houston, TX. He is a media manager and I am a creative copywriter. We met each other at work, but not at the same agency we are at now. For more on how we met, click here.

Why You Are Here

You’re here probably because you’re one of our moms, our Nana, or a good friend. Or you’re simply a voyeurist interested in stalking us. Or just interested in how we do life. Either way, you’re welcome here.

Our Purpose

Our main goals in life are to glorify God, be awesome, and poop regularly. We figure there’s really no way to lose with that.


Neil & Haley